Shimao Services Holdings Co., Ltd. (00873.HK), established in 2005, is China's leading provider of integrated property management and community life services. It was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2020. It is also one of the important wings of Shimao Group's "big aircraft" strategy. Shimao Services takes the "Better Smart Life" as its brand concept and implements the "iBlue Strategy", focusing on the four core high-energy city clusters in the Yangtze River Delta Region, Central and Western China, Southern China and Bohai Economic Rim. By June 2021, the company has a contracted area of over 239 million square meters, an area under management of over 175 million square meters, and more than 950 contracted properties, covering more than 117 cities across the country, covering residential, schools, government and public facilities, health care centers and hospitals, VIP lounges in waiting rooms, etc, and provided comprehensive property management, community life services and non-owner value-added services for nearly 3.2 million owners and users.

Shimao Services is widely recognized by the industry, media, owners and users for its high-quality services. It has successively won the TOP 12 Property Management Companies in China, TOP 8 Valuable Brand of Property Management Service in China, TOP 9 Property Service Enterprise Service Capacity in China, China's TOP 100 Growth-Leading in Property Service, TOP 3 Property Companies Serving Residential Formats in China, TOP 1 Branded Propterty Management Companies in East China, Leading Brand Enterprises in China's Property Service Professional Operation, Quality Service System of Property Service Enterprises in China "Shimao OCEAN X iBlue Service System", China Property ServiceEpidemic Prevention Satisfaction Enterprises TOP 10 and other honors.

Shimao Services takes users as the first, quality as the core, and digital intelligence as the driving force, creating "OCEAN X iBlue Service System" and "OCEAN OS iBlue Management System". We create a value-added service ecosystem around "users" and "assets", and focuse on the layout of smart technology services, real estate value-added, community education, community new life and other sections. At the same time, with the service model integrating "online platform + offline space", the "0-2KM Shimao Community New Ecology" was innovatively constructed to bring owners and users a brand new service experience of iBlue Quality, intelligent interconnection, and diverse humanities. Let Shimao iBlue Community become the source of vitality for the future development of Chinese cities.

With a vision of boosting the future of Chinese community services with digital intelligence, Shimao Services continues to optimize the value of the entire chain of the service industry, and cooperates with governments, industries, partners, businesses and users, and employees to jointly commit to the digital and intelligent upgrade of the service industry and the construction of smart cities. We strive to become a city service provider that provides high-quality services, leading the new future of Chinese community lifestyle.

Strategic investment from Sequoia Capital and Tencent boost the digital upgrade of Shimao Services

“With the boost of this strategic investment, Sequoia Capital will encourage the coordinated development between Shimao Services and the ecosystem of Sequoia Capital, assist Shimao Services in introducing invaluable community commercial resources and offer Shimao Services technical help to enhance and optimize its management capability and efficiency by means of IoT, cloud computing, big data, etc.”

——Su Kai, investment partner of Sequoia China

“Along with this strategic investment, top investors and the abundant ecological resources they possess are also introduced to Shimao Services, which will accelerate the digital upgrading and diversified service ecology building of Shimao Services. We are ready to make continuing contributions to the industrial transformation of China’s property management service industry, offer suggestions for the government-led intelligent community development and build communities into the source of China’s urban development vitality.”

——Ye Mingjie, Non executive director of Shimao Group
Executive director and President of Shimao Services Holdings

“We believe that property management, as an important offline scenario, will have great development potential and a large room for improvement in the future. Tencent will provide support for the digital upgrading of Shimao Services and cooperate with it to create even greater value on the industrial Internet based on Tencent’s abundant technical reserve, unique advantages in C2B and strong enterprise service capabilities.”

——Xia Yao,managing director of Tencent Investment